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Get to know us better...


Who am I?

My name is Linda, a 27-year-old dog lover and enthusiast from Helsinki, Finland. Currently I'm living in Vantaa with my hubby and our import from Italy who arrived in the beginning of 2021, Unforgettably One Love for Ference "Lulu". I also own a Miniature Pinscher CH A'dreams Black Fria Ference "Fria" who is currently living at my parents' just few kilometers away with an Afghan male Azbelltas Rolls-Royce for Ference Gucci "Gucci".
More of our dogs you can read from "Our dogs".
There's a big chance of you to meet us in different dog events in Europe 😉


Where it all started...

I was 14-year-old when my parents finally decided to get a dog after many years of not having one. Being a dog owner is such a responsible thing to be, and I remember us considering it for a long time when going through all the breed options. From all the dog breeds we found one; a Dobermann bitch Bäbie's Garden Mega Babe "Indi". 

Indi taught me a lot. Sometimes she was smarter than a human being. With her I got to know so many dog people and that way ended up being in a dog show world. Even thought she wasn't winning much, I already was deep in it. 

I started to compete in Junior Handling and learned to show different breeds. On my last year of competing I won a semifinal to Finnish Championships and placed 4th on the next day's finals. Later on I became a Junior Handling judge. 


Why German Pinscher?

We got our first GP in year 2009 when Sini-Minin Mocca "Dina" came to us. Dina was the sweetest dog with nerves of steel. I could go anywhere with her and we did. She later became a mother to our first three litters. 

German Pinscher as a breed wasn't so known especially back then, and many people got it mixed with Miniature Pinscher without realizing this was a totally different breed.
The whole family fell in love with the breed immediately, so it didn't take too much time when there were few of them more!😉 You couldn't have just one. 
German Pinscher is that kind of a breed that whatever you want to do, they are always happy to participate. They are also very compact; not too small but not so big either, very easy to travel with! They have an active side, but also the side where they just want to snuggle near you (under the blanket of course).

GPs are easy to get motivated with food. They love to learn everything new and are very open to different situations. Of course, as any puppy, also German Pinschers needs to be well socialized from puppy age. As they are very active, they need a lot of exercise and very consistent and positive training. Their coat care is something that everyone can manage. German Pinschers are healthy and long aged breed, and we wish to keep it that way. It's a breed that needs still to be taken forward as the gene pool is still quite small. But we are getting there, step by step...

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Breeding German Pinschers

unnamed (26).jpg

We came to a point where my mom decided to take a step forward with the breed, so she became a breeder. During those times and studies I learned a lot too even thought I wasn't old enough to participate the course. The idea of our kennel name, Ference, came easily. Short, easy and international. Nothing too complicated. The name got approved in year 2009. In year 2011 our first (A-litter) was born. More of our litters you can find more from the links above. 
We experienced a lot and during these years we've had the best puppy owners ever. So big thank you to all of you for being so super active! 😘

Unfortunately my mom got sick and she needed to step out of the breeding world. During this break I got into the world of Afghans and haven't got out there yet.

It's time for a new chapter


During the break of being out of the breeding (and GP) world, I studied myself a job. It brings its own difficulties but with the support from everyone worldwide, it's time to slowly come back again. Breeding is something that you do with your heart, and during these years the passion towards the breed hasn't gone away. I completed Finnish breeding course in October 2020 and this way I will continue where we were few years ago. In year 2022 I became also a member of the Finnish German Pinscher Club's board and breeding committee.

We are so proud of the existing Ference family and we hope to get more members to it through upcoming years!

Esittely-About us ENG: Our Services
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